I miss the cold!Hi everyone! I haven’t disappeared:) I apologize about not posting last week, I had “top priority” academic related stuff that took up my whole schedule. Anyway,  today’s paper doll set is inspired by my obsessed longing for the weather to get colder where I live. 90 degree days that are week long is really starting to bug me. So, of course this irritating line of  hot days (in the Spring I might add!) drove me to draw this set so that I could at least imagine what a paper doll would be wearing in the winter. (By the way) Today’s doll is named Aneira which fittingly means snow. If any of you live where it’s really hot, I sympathize with you 🙂  (unless you enjoy it) and I envy those who live in cold areas right now:)  Have a great rest of the weekend:)