Star Trek DS9 Doll finalHi everyone! You knew this would happen and I (of course) knew this would happen…so, here is the Star Trek-inspired paper doll! Obviously, this week’s doll is inspired by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The doll proudly arrives with a chief of operations uniform :). While I was getting this set together I was almost going to include one of Kira Nerys’ outfits, but I came up with a brilliant idea. I’ve decided that as a summer project, I will recreate most of the outfits for many of the main characters that appear throughout the Star Trek universe:) using my other doll as a template (sorry elf…). I’m very excited and hope you are too! Next week I hope to post Kira Nerys and a few of her outfits. If you have any outfit preferences from the series or character preferences in general, please comment below 🙂  Thanks for checking this out and have a great week!