I’m going to skip the excuses and apologies for my prolonged absence because I’m sure we have all heard that story…Just to let you know, I still exist in the world.

So, I’ve realized my limitations when it comes to posting my paperdolls so I’m going to try to post less outfits at a time so that actual content gets posted on this blog. So, expect pieces of the previously promised Jadzia set to trickle into this blog as the weeks move on

Jadzia wedding dress.

Anyway, this is my favorite dress that I’ve drawn for Jadzia (her awesome klingon wedding dress!). As a wedding dress, it’s very traditional for a klingon wedding yet unconventional for a typical federation wedding. However, startrek is all about the relationships among alien cultures and human culture so it is really quite appropriate. But enough of my pointless rant about fantasy wedding dresses, I hope you enjoy the dress and my Jadzia doll.